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Impacting Mat Technology

HexNest's innovative design creates a lighter, safer mat while maintaining performance standards.


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About Us

Our Story

 Mark began his passion for gymnastics in high school. Only two months into his experience, he compressed two vertebrae in his neck while dismounting off the high bar. HexNest was formed soon after and has developed solutions to the most important safety concerns in high risk sports. After adding key team members and enhancing its technology, HexNest is ready to stick its neck out for others.  

Our Team


Mark Van den Avont


Rachel Circelli

Polymer Researcher 

Our Vision

 Our vision is to promote a world where safety is not a luxury. We do this by producing safer and more affordable sports mats, to enable the accessibility of safety equipment in high risk sports. 

Their Problems


 The high cost of current sports mats result in the inability of gyms to purchase enough mats and maintain a certain safety standard. 


 Every year, more than 86,000 gymnastics related injuries are treated. A majority of these incidents occur using some type of safety equipment. Current mats do not  spread impact time out as long as possible,   therefore they are not as safe as possible.  


 Younger gymnasts have difficulty moving our competitor's large and heavy mats, limiting these mats' function.

Our Solution


Using different materials, we are able to engineer a product that is more cost efficient. 


The materials we use increase impact time, ultimately making our mats safer.  


Our mat's lightweight, practical design ultimately increases its usability.

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Champaign, Illinois, United States